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Market Probe International, Inc. is a global market research company that provides business-to-business and consumer research, both quantitative and qualitative, throughout the U.S. and worldwide. We provide a full range of research consulting, data gathering, programming, tabulating and analytical services. All of our services are available on an as needed basis for qualitative and quantitative research both in the US and Internationally. Market Probe International is widely respected for offering a consistently high quality of market research support. 90% of our business is generated from repeat clients and referrals. We recognize the value of commitment to our clients’ needs and wishes. We have extensive experience in diverse consumer and B2B categories as well as target respondent groups and various types of studies.

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Market Probe International specializes in serving the International research community. We have extensive experience in conducting global studies utilizing our expansive network of partners worldwide, providing both global scope and local knowledge to research.


We also regularly provide US-based research services to clients from around the globe. We are well-versed in working with partners from various cultures, regions, and time zones, effectively and efficiently.


Market Probe International is the US member of GlobalNR, an international network of independent market research firms dedicated to quality global research. Alan Appelbaum and Doug Ethe-Sayers currently serve as co-chairs of the organization.


Market Probe International, Inc. can coordinate your research throughout the world.

International Expertise
International Research

 USA • Canada • Mexico

Latin America • Europe

Middle East • India • Africa

China • Japan • Korea • Asia Pacific

Quantitative Research Services

Market Probe International utilizes both traditional and cutting edge research methodologies including:










Online Surveys


Mobile/Tablet Surveys


Telephone Surveys


Airport Interviewing

Access to all NYC airports and more!

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Face to Face Interviewing




Mystery Shopping


Car Clinics

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Advanced Analytics

We can provide data files, tabulations, and/or advances statistical analysis.

Quantitative Research Services

All services can be customized and Market Probe International can both execute research and advise on strategic approach.


Our approach to moderating is based on developing a personalized experience to achieve group participant cohesion and comfort while using a deep path of probing. It is client centered, collaborative and highly strategic. Our moderators will work with you to garner the actionable insights you need and can provide intensive debriefs and / or analytical reports.


Cutting edge methodologies enable us to reach hard to find respondents, reduce travel costs and to elicit insights at a deeper level. Ask us about our online qualitative methodologies and mood relaxation focus groups!

Qualitative Research Services

Market Probe International offers a complete in-house data processing center for market research needs. We provide data handling to some of the nation’s largest market research suppliers and data collection agencies as well as to many smaller organizations, independent consultants and corporate research departments. If you have internal processing departments, we are there to handle your overflow and act as your backup.


We maintain an experienced staff with expertise in the field of market research, dedicated to keeping abreast of industry advances and meeting the needs of the market research community. All data entry work is verified, codes are reviewed by experienced project directors, and tables and tab plans are carefully checked.


Data Processing
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