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Market Probe International, Inc. is a global market research company that provides business-to-business and consumer research, both quantitative and qualitative, throughout the U.S. and worldwide. We provide a full range of research consulting, data gathering, programming, tabulating and analytical services. Click here to learn about our research services. Contact us now about your upcoming research needs and make Market Probe International your global market research partner.

Established in 1967Market Probe International is your global partner for reliable market research data, data gathering and analytical services. Based in New York, we have an extensive network of top-flight domestic and global research organizations around the world, enabling us to provide high quality worldwide research solutions.


Market Probe International is a member of Esomar, AMA, QRCA and GlobalNR. Market Probe International is widely respected for offering a consistently high quality of market research support. 90% of our business is generated from repeat clients and referrals. We recognize the value of commitment to our clients’ needs and wishes. Each of our clients works directly with one or more of our researchers in order to develop the most effective data gathering and analytical plan and to obtain the most relevant actionable results. 

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Our Experience

We have extensive experience in diverse consumer and B2B categories as well as target respondent groups and various types of studies. Examples include:



Types of Studies

  • Advertising Awareness, Penetration and Communication Tests

  • Trade-Offs and Preferences Analysis

  • Awareness, Usage, Attitudes, Customer Satisfaction and Retention Studies

  • Behavior/Operating Patterns and Decision Criteria

  • New Product and Service Development, including Concept Testing and Evaluation

  • Quality Assurance Programs

  • Employee Evaluation Studies

  • Promotion and Program Effectiveness

  • Product trials / Usage tests

  • Sensory Testing

Types of Respondents

  • CEO’s, CFO’s, Senior Level Executives, Managers and Purchase Decision-Makers

  • Dealers/Retail Salespersons

  • Store Buyers

  • Physicians

  • IT managers, OEMs

  • Car owners

  • Students

  • Product Users

  • Store Shoppers

  • Recent Purchasers

  • Patients/Sufferers

  • Moms with Young Children

  • Facility and Building Managers

  • High Income/Affluent

  • Influentials

  • Auto Dealers


  • Mobile Communication Products

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Smart Technologies

  • Household Appliances

  • Fragrance and Cosmetics

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical

  • Automotive

  • Publishing

  • Financial

  • Luxury

  • Fashion

  • Advertising

  • Tools and Heavy Machinery

Our Experience

Our Leadership Team

Our Team

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