Market Probe International and Twitter Announce Small and Medium Business Twitter follower Insights

How Twitter drives growth for small and medium businesses; Market Probe International and Twitter Study

New York, NY – August 22, 2013 – Market Probe International, Inc., a global market research firm, and Twitter, a social broadcast network, fielded a study to uncover and explain the value of Twitter followers to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Fielded in May of 2013 among consumers who follow SMBs on Twitter, this study demonstrates a mutually beneficial relationship that drives ROI for the brand and value for the consumer. Twitter published the results on their advertising blog which can be found here.

The study illustrates that consumers who follow SMBs feel more engaged with the business and therefore are more likely to purchase from, recommend, retweet from and share positive experiences about the business. The study also explores the results of paid promotions among consumers who follow SMBs- They are open to action upon seeing an ad from an SMB they follow.

A brief summary of the findings can be found below.


The survey was fielded to 500 Twitter followers of SMBs in the US and UK (n=350 US; n=150 UK) Consumers selected to be surveyed based on if they followed an SMB.

Increased sales and recommendations

72% of SMB followers are more likely to make a purchase from an SMB after following the company, and 82% are more likely to recommend an SMB they follow to friends / family than before they followed it– A 30% jump just from following a SMB on Twitter. And 86% are more likely to visit a SMB if a friend recommends them.

The Value a Consumer Gets from SMBs on Twitter – Consumers feel connected

85% of SMB followers feel more connected with SMBs after following them. When communicating with an SMB on Twitter, 82% feel like their message was received– And those messages are mostly positive interactions, not issues or complaints.

70% retweeted because they liked content 64% mentioned SMB to share a positive experience 54% @replied to share a positive experience

The top reasons they follow SMBs are 73% To get updates on future products 63% To show support for them 61% To interact with them (share ideas, provide Feedback)

The Value of Using Twitter in SMB Marketing Efforts — Consumers articulated the value of SMBs having a presence on Twitter from both an organic and paid product perspective

PROMOTED TWEETS @PROMOTEDTWEETS 34% of SMB followers interacted with a small business after seeing an ad with their Twitter handle advertised. 32% indicated they are more likely to visit an SMB if they saw a promoted tweet for that business which relates to their interest or needs.


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